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People_SpiritualLeader_Jim Killoran, Exec.Director of Habitat for Humanity
People_SpiritualLeader_Jim Killoran, Exec.Director of Habitat for Humanity



About the people and the interview event and about Habitat for Humanity: - Jim Killoran is the focus of these video clips, including (a) excerpts from a chat with Jim Killoran and Guillermo (Will) Leon at the after-party Mardi Gras celebration at The Gnarly Vine on 2/5/08, remembering Habitat rebuilding work in New Orleans and (b) talk about Habitat for Humanity that he gave at Coromandel - Indian Cuisine Restaurant on 2/6/08, to a group of students of the Thornton-Donovan School before their "Glory Days" trip to Manhattan, led by headmaster Douglas Fleming, Jr. and (b) a tour of the offices of Habitat for Humanity and its related recycling store on Main Street. The videoclips also contain scenes around New Rochelle, from driving and from walking around Trinity Church, Hugenot Street, and its cemetery, and discussion about history of local communities in front of the church. Some of this information is also contained in an article published in the 9 Westchester Newspapers of Rising Publications (copied at the end of this page) and referred to in the Contact section immediately below.Videoclips were recorded and produced by Fran Sisco.  Copyright 2008-2013 Fran Sisco.  All rights reserved.  For more info, please contact Fran Sisco via www.VideoVoom.net. Copyright 2007-2013 Fran Sisco.

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    Below are 9 videoclips from an interview and other activities in New Rochelle, NY on 2/6/08.

    Videoclip # 1
    Videoclip # 2

    (Videoclip #1) - Excerpts from a chat with Jim Killoran and Guillermo (Will) Leon at the after-party Mardi Gras celebration at The Gnarly Vine on 2/5/08, remembering Habitat rebuilding work in New Orleans.

    (Videoclip #2) -   Drive from Mill Road in the north end of New Rochelle down North Avenue, right onto Huguenot Street and then onto Division Street, including radio excerpts from WFUV 90.7 including U2's song Little Sister.

    Videoclip # 3
    Videoclip # 4

    (Videoclip #3) - (1) Discussion with Doug Fleming, Headmaster of Thornton-Donovan School for 40 years, and a discussion with some students including (a) Justin Pizzo, (mention of Bono and Product Red by Frank Sisco) and mention of linguistics, (b) Sam Javitch with mention of piano and Summertime, Scott Pollack, (c)   Linique with mention of "Glory Days" and learning about different religions. (2) Tour outside of Trinity Church and its cemetery, together with a discussion of history of communities.

    (Videoclip #4) -   Jim Killoran and Doug Fleming leading students into Coromandel Indian Cuisine Restaurant (2) Jim talking (for about 20 minutes) to students and teachers of Thornton-Donovan School about Habitat for Humanity and the importance of volunteerism and making a difference in people's lives.

    Videoclip # 5
    Videoclip # 6

    (Videoclip #5) - Continuance of Jim talking (for about 20 minutes) to students and teachers of Thornton-Donovan School about Habitat for Humanity and the importance of volunteerism and making a difference in people's lives, and their questions and comments.

    (Videoclip #6) - Tour by Jim Killoran of the ReStore (recycling store that helps raise funds) (with a discussion by volunteers Connor and Antonio) and a tour of the offices and comments by Jim's assistant Neusa Delgado.

    Videoclip # 7
    Videoclip # 8

    Videoclip #7) - Interview with Jim Killoran about the activities of Habitat for Humanity (20th year anniversary) including the application and qualification process and how Habitat provides affordable housing.

    (Videoclip #8) - Tour of third floor of the offices.

    Videoclip # 9
    Box not used.

    (Videoclip #9) - Scenes from the drive on Memorial Highway, then north on North Avenue.


    D. Contact info:

    For more information, please contact the following:
    (1) Habitat for Humanity - Please visit the internet website www.habitatwc.org, or call Jim Killoran, Executive Director, at 914.636.8335 at the offices located at 529 Main Street, New Rochelle, NY 10801
    (2) The Gnarly Vine - Please visit the internet website at http://www.thegnarlyvine.com, or call Guillermo (Will) Leon, co-owner, at 914.355.2541 at the wine bar and restaurant located at 100 Overlook Circle, New Rochelle, NY 10804.
    (3) Thornton-Donovan School - Please visit the internet website http://www.td.edu/admits.html, or call Douglas E. Fleming, Jr., Headmaster, at 914.632.8836 at the school located at 501 Main Street, New Rochelle, NY 10801.

    (4) Coromandel - Cuisine of India - Please visit the internet website http://www.coromandelcuisine.com/newrochelle_ny.html, or call Joji Parappallil, the owner of the New Rochelle restaurant, at 914.235-8390 located at 30 Division Street, New Rochelle, NY 10801.

    (5) VideoVoom.com - Please visit the internet website www.videovoom.com, or Frank Sisco, President, at 914.740.4422 at the offices located at 30 Mill Road, New Rochelle, NY 10804, or email Frank at ideasmoney@aol.com

    (6) Rising Publications Please contact Nick Sprayregen, President, at 212.926.4200 at the headquarter offices located at 3261 Broadway, NY, NY 10027, or email Frank Sisco at ideasmoney@aol.com. The nine Westchester newspapers are The Westchester Crusader, The Rye Chronicle, The Eastchester Record, The Pelham Sun, The Sound View News, Home News & Times, The Mt. Vernon Independent, Harrison Independent, and North Castle News.


    re new rochelle Click here for website for Rob Seitz

    E.  Essay by Fran Sisco:

    The below article was written by Frank Sisco about Jim Killoran of Habitat for Humanity, as published on 2/15/08 in the 9 newspapers of Rising Publications, Inc. Copyright 2008 Frank Sisco

    "Sweat Equity in Affordable Housing" A "Life and Money" interview - Interview of Jim Killoran, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity, Westchester County by Frank Sisco, CPA, PFs on 2/6/08.

    Under the energetic leadership of Jim Killoran of Habitat for Humanity in Westchester County, many families have been able to attain the American dream of having their own home.   They demonstrate that their income is weak enough to qualify yet their commitment strong enough to put in their own labor to build the home, with the help of relatives, friends and the community. Habitat stirs and coordinates resources within the community and many volunteers to work alongside the family, truly sweat equity by everyone.   Once the house is built, often at a cost lower than traditional construction assisted by donations, the new homeowner family repays to Habitat a mortgage loan over 20 or 30 years without interest, a huge savings for them.   This not only gives the family a chance at economic success, but also helps to enhance the fabric of a community by getting members of churches, schools, civic organizations, corporations, and private citizens to reach out and help, with money, resources and get down and dirty with shovels, hammers and saws.   (See ATM1) Recently, I videotaped Jim Killoran addressing a group of 50 students, led by headmaster Doug Fleming,   from Thornton Donovan School in a spacious dining hall at the popular Coromandel Cuisine of India in downtown New Rochelle.   Jim talked about the mission of Habitat for Humanity for about 25 minutes.   The students seemed profoundly affected by Jim's call for action, to do something to make the world better.   To do something and lift people up.   Several students volunteered to become leaders in the newly-formed Habitat club at Thornton Donovan.   Two students proudly told of their personal volunteer experiences building homes in other countries for Habitat.   (See ATM 2).

    At Habitat's new offices on Main Street in New Rochelle, I talked with Jim in his office, the walls covered with scores of awards and certificates.   A metal-covered bible, owned by Governor Malcolm Wilson, sat in the middle of the desk, probably cited from often during a day in the life of this very spiritual can-do man.


    Frank - How does somebody apply for a home, and how does the process work?

    Jim - Initially, the prospective homeowner sends a letter of interest to our office such as "We are a family of four, this is my income level, we are living in substandard housing...   They are considered based upon need and the ability to do the sweat equity.   We believe in the biblical principle that everyone should have a home and we should not charge usury to our brothers and sisters as in the Book of Exodus.    The family's down payment is their pledge of sweat equity so to speak. . . . I want our families to have wealth.   The home creates a "bank" for them.


    Frank - What are some of the things on your wish list and the challenges ahead:

    Jim - One is land.   Another is getting a multi-million dollar pocket of funds.   We want to bring it to the next stage where we are constantly building so that everyone can have a simple decent home, including condos and coops and green buildings. We have to get back to the fundamental strength of a community being the people who live here and have been a part of the history.   Also, we should be able to use set-asides to help the middle-income families.


    Frank - How do you allocate your time to handle all that you do?

    Jim - What inspires me is that I have a lot of good people around me and that I'm planting seeds among young people, and God puts people in my path to help us all work together.


    References Across the Media: (ATM 1) - The website for Habitat for Humanity in Westchester is at: http://www.habitatwc.org/ (ATM 2)- The talk by Jim and the interview is at the VideoVoom.com website in the section for nonprofit events at: http://www.videovoom.com/List_Events_NonProfitEvents.htm

    About the author: Frank Sisco is a CPA, Personal Financial Specialist and video journalist who writes on topics related to life and money.   You can contact Frank by email at ideasmoney@aol.com or by phone at 914.589.1013 in order to express your opinion about this article or to obtain copies of prior articles.   Frank, and his wife and daughter, reside in New Rochelle, NY .


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