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About the people and the interview event and about Yonkers YMCA: - Jim Howard is the focus these videoclips. Jim is a sports hero, a boxing champion and is a volunteer boxing coach at the Yonkers YMCA at 17 Riverdale Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10701 (914.963.0183). These videoclips including discussions on 8/22/07 at the YMCA with Jim Howard, his assistants Arthur Williams and John Thompson, and several of the boxing students including "Sugar Ray" Chris Ventura (recent welter-weight boxing champion of the New York State Empire Games), Sheik, Alex, Roger, Jakeel, Mike Hurtado and others.

This summary was taken from the Y's website at www.ymcaofyonkers.org on 11/8/07: "The Yonkers Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) is part of an international community service organization fostering constructive social, physical, and educational activities for men and women. The Yonkers YMCA is a value driven community-based organization dedicated to providing affordable services to the Yonkers community. We are committed to delivering programs and activities that will enhance the quality of life for men, women and children of all ages regardless of race, color, or religion. We strive to deepen the commitment of our youth through prosocial values, CARING, HONESTY, RESPECT, and RESPONSIBILITY, by focusing on the SPIRIT, MIND, and BODY."

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Justin Cardiullo is passionate about wrestling. Check out these videoclips and find out about upcoming events.
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Steve Acunto, an amazing life as boxing coach and mentor
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Stephen B. Acunto has led an amazing life, especially related to his career as a boxing coach. Steve invites you to join us for a walk through it, by watching several videoclips taken from 7/16/06 until 12/6/06, showing various people from different areas of his life. There are 29 videoclps shown below and on www.youtube.com. Some videoclips are long, and others short. Some will make you laugh and some may bring a tear. Spend some time watching them in numerical order, and you'll see how all the pieces of his life fit together into a beautiful puzzle. You'll also see links to books, DVDs, tapes, and various memorabilia you can buy or win. Have fun and write us about your experiences! Send your comments to Fran Sisco at his email - FrancisSisco@aol.com.
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