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Place_Massage And Relaxation Center_Kenny And Tony Service Inc.
Place_Massage And Relaxation Center_Kenny And Tony Service Inc.

A. Overview:

On 4/1/07, Frank Sisco and his daughter Kelly were at the Westchester County Center for the Home Show on 4/1/07 and tried out the massage services of Kenny & Tony Service, Inc. Kenny described some of the techniques used by his workers, including Jenny and John. See the charts behind Kenny showing how the hands and feet are connected to other body parts including your heart and stomach! Watch in this clip how satisfied and peaceful Kelly becomes. And look how friendly everyone is in the spontaneous group photo and Kenny in a single photo.

Call Kenny Chen at 212.564.711- or at 646.286.567- for questions you may have, for store directions, fee schedule and appointments. Mention VideoVoom or Fran Sisco and you will get $2 off a $10 massage or $5 off a $30 massage. Send your comments to Fran Sisco at his email - FrancisSisco@aol.com or call her at 914.589.1013. Send this page with the SiscoFutureDollar coupon (at right) to FrancisSisco@aol.com with our name, email name and appointment date and receive a free gift from Kenny.

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