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About the business and event: Salon Atelier is a full-service salon with outstanding staff and services in a beautifully-designed spacious salon, conveniently located in Eastchester, in Westchester County, NY. The salon celebrated its 10th anniversary on Saturday, 9/29/07, and Fran Sisco videotaped sections of the day that was filled with conversations with the owner, Barbara, her sister Jen, and the many employees including Quina, Nina, Melanie, Rosann, Robin, Ally, Tracey, Lauren, Noel, Aurelia, Amanda and with associates Luz and Danielle and with several customers, including a bride and members of her bridal party who were preparing for the wedding that afternoon. Watch the unusually candid views of being in a vibrant salon, brimming with engaging and beautiful women, from the perspectives of being an employee, customer, associate or visitor. Wouldn't you love to see a reality show with this salon and these people? Email Fran Sisco at FrancisSisco@aol.com to give feedback or to get more information about Salon Atelier. Also check www.salonatelier.com and more information and a storyboard at www.VideoVoom.net, then go under the "Places" subcategory and to the "Businesses" subcategory. Salon Atelier is located at 133 Hillside Place, Eastchester, NY 10709 and telephone is 914.337.4949.

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