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For more information, please contact Fran Sisco at 914.740.4422 or by email to francissisco@aol.com. FranSisco will gather the responses to this appeal and provide them to a representative at the City of New Rochelle.
Disaster - Flood in New Rochelle resulting from rains in nor-easter. Interviews with families on 4/17/07.
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Overview: These 12 videoclips and information pertain to flooding in a section of New Rochelle, NY (a small city in Westchester County, NY - north of Manhattan) near the center of town that happened mainly as a result of several inches of rain during a nor-easter on the weekend including Sunday 4/15/07. The videos were taken on Tuesday 4/17/07 by Fran(k) Sisco with the verbal permission of the individuals. The main intent was to provide a record of what happened and the thoughts and feelings of the individuals, including an expression of their hopefulness, sense of community and remaining needs. Organizations such as FEMA (Federal Emergency Assistance Agency) are already helping with grants and low-interest loans, and various insurance companies and governmental agencies, but other organizations and individuals are invited to help with money, assistance, and other ways. 

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