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Frank Sisco, Sr. was born in Westerly, RI, and lived in Mt. Vernon, NY and New Rochelle, NY. He is the husband of Eleanor Sisco, father of Frank Sisco, Jr. and Robert Sisco, grandfather of Kelly Sisco, brother of Joseph Sisco, and son of Joseph Sisco Sr. and Mary Sisco. Frank was in the Navy SeaBees (CB - Construction Battalion) in the Pacific during World War II. His term of service began on 3/27/1945 and ended on 5/25/1946, a relatively short time, but included several unusual events and experiences (including (a) having a monkey as a pet (b) meeting up with his brother Joe on Guam, but only for a few minutes (see below for a reprint of the 12/22/2005 story he wrote that was published in the 9 newspapers of Martinelli Publicaitons (now Rising Publications) and which he read on the radio (WVOX AM in New Rochelle, NY), (c) being present at the amazing Victory Parade on Honolulu with thousands of Navy personnel and men and women from other branches of the armed forces (d) receiving a letter from the Secretary of the Navy and retaining it, along with other documents, which are presented below and (e) being able to pick himself out of a photo containing hundreds of men aboard a ship traveling home (see below). Also, see below for an essay written by Frank Sisco, Jr. about these Navy documents and photos that was published in the 9 newspapers of Rising Publications. . For more information, or to interview Frank Sisco, Sr. , please call Fran(k) Sisco, Jr at 914.589.1013. or by email to FrancisSisco@aol.com.

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